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Women in tech

Women in Tech

Inspiring resources for women in tech. These 7 websites from nonprofit organizations and programs offer mentorship, courses, webinars, and community outreach.

2. Black Girls CODE
3. Girls Who Code
4. Latinas in Tech
5. National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT)
6. TECHNOLOchicas
7. Women Who Code

Women in tech

Learn to Code

Best websites to learn web design and development. If you want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Python, these 5 resources will help you get started. Acquire new skills with these, no registration required websites, start coding, and learning.

1. W3Schools
2. Free Code Camp
3. The Odin Project
4. Learn X in Y Minutes
5. Tutoriales Programación Ya

Women in tech

Online Courses

Top 14 websites to learn web design and development. Some of these online learning platforms also offer courses in photography, marketing, business, personal development, and so much more. The following websites require a subscription or membership for their premium resources.

1. Udemy
2. Upskill
3. Coursera
4. Linkedin Learning
5. Pluralsight
6. SoloLearn
7. Treehouse
8. Skillshare
9. EdX
10. Codecademy
11. Bit Degree
12. Code.Org
13. Khan Academy
14. HackerRank

Women in tech

Freelance Websites

Popular websites to find freelance jobs. These 3 freelance platforms have a big selection of remote work for web designers and web developers.

1. Upwork
2. Fiverr
3. Flexjobs

Women in tech

Web Accessibility

Top 5 resourceful websites that offer vital information, guidelines, and specifications so that people with disabilities can view, navigate, and interact with the content on the web.

1. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative
2. W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Tools
3. Section
5. WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Women in tech

SEO Tools

Improve your website SEO and get the tools and resources that can help you identify errors, increase your page speed, and boost your web performance. With good SEO, your website can be found on search engines, receive more traffic, and reach your audience.

1. Seo Web Page Analyzer
3. Seo Site Checkup
4. Backlink Checker
5. Google Trends
6. Google Search Console
7. Google PageSpeed Insights
8. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
9. Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
10. Rank Math WordPress Plugin

Women in tech

HTML & CSS Templates

Amazing HTML & CSS templates to create static HTML websites and so much more. Most of the featured templates are free but remember to always check on the licenses if you want to remove links or credits.

1. Template Mo
2. HTML5 Up
3. Free CSS
4. Templated
5. Tooplate
6. Colorlib
7. W3Schools Templates

Women in tech

Code Editors

Popular source code editors for web development. Start building and creating websites with these powerful code editors.

1. Sublime Text
2. Brackets
3. Visual Studio Code
4. Atom
5. Notepad++

Women in tech


Top 5 popular websites that offer high-quality fonts. You can use Google Fonts for personal or commercial projects. Da Font, Fonts Squirrel, My fonts, and 1001 Fonts offer fonts with different licenses (personal or commercial).

1. Google Fonts
2. Da Font
3. Fonts Squirrel
4. My fonts
5. 1001 Fonts

Women in tech


Top 3 websites that offer a large variety of vector icons in different formats. Most of the vectors that appear on these websites require attribution, while some of them are free.

1. Flaticon
2. Freepik
3. Vecteezy

Women in tech


Create color schemes and generate color combinations for your projects.

1. Color Hex Color Codes
2. Coolors
3. HTML Colors
4. W3Schools HTML Color Picker
5. Grabient
6. My Color Space
7. Color Adobe
8. Color Inspo
9. Happy Hues
10. ColorZilla

Women in tech

Graphic Design

Create graphics, logos, or photo collages with the following websites. Some of these websites have powerful photo editing platforms, while others have a wide variety of free and premium features to create graphic design.

1. Canva
2. Befunky
3. PicMonkey
4. Piktochart
5. Pixlr
6. Pix Teller
7. Get Stencil
8. Crello
9. Logo Makr
10. Logo Hub
11. Ico Fonts
12. Cloud Gravit
13. Design Bold
14. Snappa
15. Sumo Paint
16. Photopea

Women in tech

Stock Photos

Top 10 websites for free beautiful stock photo images that you can use on your projects. Search and download free images from an amazing community of photographers.

1. Foca Stock
2. Iso Republic
3. Kaboompics
4. Life of Pix
5. Negative Space
6. Pic Jumbo
7. Pixabay
8. Rawpixel
9. Reshot
10. Unsplash

Women in tech

Web Hosting

There are a lot of companies that offer web hosting services at affordable prices. Here is a list of 6 popular web hosting providers that offer a wide variety of plans and features.

1. Bluehost
2. HostGator
3. SiteGround
4. Hostinger
5. DreamHost
6. GoDaddy

Women in tech

More Resources

Resources for web designers, graphic designers, bloggers, and content creators.

1. Blog Ideas Generator Get ideas on topics for your blog.
2. W3C Logo Markup Validation Service Check the markup of your website.
3. All emojis in one place.
4. An essential tool to create favicons.
5. OCR Space Awesome tool to convert images to text.
6. Word Counter Discover how many words and characters are in your text.
7. Voice to text by Maruar From voice to text app.
8. Alphabetizer Sort words in alphabetical order.
9. Grammarly English language grammar check.
10. Behance Discover creative work.
11. Dribbble Platform for digital designers and creatives.
12. Planoly Schedule Instagram content.
13. Docsity Online social learning network.
14. Answer the public Discover what users are searching.
15. WolframAlpha Answer engine developed by Wolfram Research.
16. ILovePDF Edit and modify PDF documents.
17. Quillbot Paraphrasing tool.
18. Quizlet Learn with online flashcards.
19. Wayback Machine Digital archive of the World Wide Web.
20. RSS Feed Validator Validate your RSS feed.
21. Whynopadlock Check if your website SSL is secure.
22. GTmetrix See how your site performs and discover optimization opportunities.
23. StuDocu Student-to-student knowledge exchange platform where students can share knowledge, college notes, and study guides.
24. Article Formatter Clear your text from special characters.
25. Text-Compare Compare text easily.


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